During July I travelled to Paris, Arles and Madrid to visit friends and visit photo festivals an other exhibitions. At the time I was listening to Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. It was also my birthday, and thus a special time for me. In this short video as a visitor I blend media recorded with my phone from the shows but also my own travel. Excerpts from Murakami's book can be listened in the background.

Although the video does not address me specifically I do relate with it, making it closest thing to a diary, or even a blog.

main image: Cristina de Middel / Muchismo / PhotoEspana

A secluded community fighting to preserve their culture on the Mentawai islands in Indonesia. I spent a week in their company documenting them, This short video shows some of aspects of their culture, believes and concerns facing the outside world.



At AWAREmedia we aim to portrait one's work, service or product by showing the uniqueness of the people behind it. Our documentary shooting style reflects an honest and transparent approach to showcase what others do best.  We believe that this is one of the best ways to stand out among the crowd and reach out for the people that really matter.

We produce documentary and promotional videos for creative individuals and business alike looking to showcase their skills and services. Since we started we've been working with musicians, entrepreneurs, start-ups, NGOs and established business. Our contact list just keeps growing... 

AWAREmedia is the result of a long life friendship, many shared experiences and converging goals. Our background is architecture and photography, two disciplines that make quite a powerful recipe for both technical and aesthetically striking videos.

We decided to shoot videos professionally because we are big enthusiasts of creative and innovative projects and we are deeply passionate about documenting them with the quality they deserve!


Tiago Rosado

Architect, photographer and everything in between. He’s also a trekking aficionado and co-founder of Aware mag.


Luis Monteiro

Architect, photographer, videographer, hiker of the great outdoors, Ironman wannabe, hard case coffee drinker and student of Shinkendo.


KILT, Khmer Independent Life Team is an organization of disabled Khmer run and managed by disabled people for the benefit of disabled Cambodians. KILT seeks to improve the quality of life, work opportunities, and social integration of Khmer (Cambodians) with disabilities through vocational training, education and work in a sustainable manner. KILTs primary social purpose is providing as many work opportunities as possible to its members. kiltjewellery.weebly.com

CDO Children and Development Organisation currently have 30 children at the CDO Family Home in Siem Reap, most of who are originally from Leap Chas village, a very remote village in rural Cambodia, 40 kilometers outside of Siem Reap. The children are encouraged to remain in contact with their biological and extended families, being reunited with their families several times a year so they are able to see siblings and parents. cdochildren.org

Challenge the Obvious

More about Favela Painting & Philly Painting

To celebrate the beautiful minds that challenge the obvious every day, we’ve recently made a documentary about Haas & Hahn, who use art to change lives in the troubled neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro and Philadelphia. But with inspiring projects like this, you simply want to know more. That’s why we sat down with Dre Urhahn for a Q&A.

It was a great experience to work with VICE on this project as a translator.